What is Swapnote?

Create handwritten 3D notes and send them to your friends with this FREE application, all from your Nintendo 3DS system.

View this QR Code® with the Nintendo 3DS Camera application to get Swapnote from the Nintendo eShop.

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Swapnote lets you create handwritten notes and then share those notes with other Swapnote users on your Friend List* via the StreetPass™ feature. Share notes with friends from across the room...or across the world. Send notes and use Play Coins to unlock a range of fun features to give your notes even more personality.

Write a note with photos

You can snap a photo with the Nintendo 3DS Camera application and place it into your note. If you took the photo in 3D, it will show up in 3D on the recipient's system too.

Add sound to your note

Record up to five seconds of audio with the Nintendo 3DS Sound application and put it into your note to send a talking or musical note.

Create a 3D note

When you write a note, you can use a regular pen or a Pop-Out pen that makes what you've written seem to pop out. With clever use of both pens, you can create amazing notes with added 3D oomph.

Time stamp your note

Want to send a birthday greeting via Swapnote? You can choose the date on which a note can be viewed before you send it, so the person who receives the note won't be able to view it until that date.

Unlock new features

The more you write, the more you unlock. Once you have around 30 notes, you'll have uncovered all you need to craft some really exciting Swapnote creations. Nikki, your built-in Swapnote pen pal, will help out and teach you how to use each new feature when it becomes available.

Use lots of different stationery

Spend your Play Coins to buy new stationery designs you can use for your notes. You can earn Play Coins by carrying your Nintendo 3DS system when you walk out and about. These Play Coins can be used in Swapnote and a variety of other Nintendo 3DS games and applications—so get walking!

Write in different colors!

Add a splash of color to your notes using one of six pen colors, which you can select by pressing left or right on the +Control Pad while writing†.

† If you downloaded Swapnote before July 5th, 2012, you will need to visit the Nintendo eShop and download an update for Swapnote to access this feature.

Notice about SpotPass feature of Swapnote

Please note that the SpotPass feature of Swapnote (the ability to send notes to friends over the Internet) has been suspended as of October 31, 2013. We greatly appreciate your understanding. Learn more >